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This is my new Vlog where I go to Dubai Embassy I am attesting my documents, The degree of ICS means Pakistani 12th degree. The way to go to Dubai Pakistan General Consulate in Dubai.

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Lahore Board Office for degree attestation and other documents gets

University Verification

The first step in the degree attestation process in Dubai involves obtaining verification from the university / School / College where the degree was conferred. This crucial step requires submitting the original degree certificate, transcripts, and other relevant documents to the university’s designated authorities. The university then verifies the authenticity of the degree by confirming its issuance, the duration of the course, and the student’s credentials. This verification is essential to ensure that the degree was obtained from a recognized and accredited institution.

Upon successful verification by the university, they issue a verification letter or stamp directly on the documents, affirming their authenticity. This authenticated degree is the foundation for subsequent attestations from higher authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy. The process’s precision and adherence to the university’s guidelines are crucial at this stage to ensure the document’s acceptance and smooth progression through the attestation procedure in Dubai.


Degree attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in your home country is required for obtaining a Dubai Visa
Lahore MOFA Office Wallpaper (Ministry OF Forgan Afire Office)



Ensure a smooth Dubai visa application process by obtaining the necessary degree attestation from your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). This crucial step adds authenticity to your educational credentials, facilitating a hassle-free visa approval.

Embarking on a journey to Dubai? Streamline your visa application process by securing the essential degree attestation from your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). This critical step ensures the authenticity of your educational credentials, a prerequisite for a seamless visa approval in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Degree attestation involves a thorough verification process by MOFA, validating the legitimacy of your academic achievements. By adhering to this protocol, you not only comply with the necessary regulations.

What is the best option for Dubai to make a degree attestation from Dubai Embassy?

When seeking degree attestation in Dubai, the optimal choice is to consider the process through the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai. While attesting your degree through the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai might be a common approach, it comes with certain drawbacks. The cost incurred in Pakistan, amounting to 15,000 Rupees, translates to over 200 AED, and the processing time can extend to 14 to 15 days. This may pose challenges for those seeking a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

In contrast, the Dubai Pakistan Consulate, functioning as an equivalent to the Dubai Embassy, offers a more favorable option. The streamlined process allows you to attain degree attestation at a significantly lower cost of only 20 AED. What sets this option apart is the remarkable speed – your degree can be attested in just one hour. This expedited service not only saves you time but also ensures a swift and efficient attestation process.

Choosing to attest your degree through the Dubai Consulate holds distinct advantages. The minimal cost, coupled with the expeditious one-hour turnaround time, makes this option the preferred route for those seeking a convenient and prompt attestation process. By opting for the Dubai Consulate, you not only optimize your expenses but also expedite the overall attestation timeline, aligning with the dynamic and fast-paced environment of Dubai.

Online Dubai MOFA Degree attestation & Understanding the Significance of MOFA Attestation for Degrees in Dubai

Dubai UAE Flag For MOFA Dubai Degree Attestation

To obtain Degree Attestation from MOFA Dubai, an online application is necessary. This process involves specifying your address for convenient pick-up and delivery of the degree documents. The MOFA services operate 24/7, ensuring accessibility at all times. Their courteous approach during interactions ensures a smooth experience. Typically, a fee of around 200 AED is charged for degree attestation. Once submitted, MOFA processes the documents efficiently within approximately one week, providing a validated attestation essential for various official and professional purposes within Dubai and across the UAE.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation in Dubai is a pivotal step in the degree attestation process. After obtaining verification from the university, the next stage involves submitting the verified degree certificate and accompanying documents to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs office. Here, these documents undergo thorough scrutiny and validation by MOFA officials.

 The MOFA attestation confirms the authenticity of the degree and validates it for use within the UAE. It acts as an official endorsement by the government, indicating that the degree is genuine and has been properly verified by the relevant authorities. This attestation is a critical step in ensuring that the degree holds legal validity and can be accepted for various purposes, including employment, further education, or other official proceedings within Dubai and across the UAE.

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